A hopeful film about grief and love.

From the director behind the acclaimed documentary ”A Separation” now comes ”After Inez”, a hopeful film about grief and love.

Denize and Filip have everything prepared: crib, stroller, baby clothes, even the child seat is mounted in the car. The child they are expecting can arrive at any moment. But on a last routine checkup, the midwife is stunned. There is no longer a heartbeat.

As in Karin Ekberg’s acclaimed debut film ”A Separation”, we follow a couple on a tumultuous emotional journey, as we go from deepest sorrow in the beginning of the film, to the touching hopefulness and powerful lust for life against all odds toward the end of the film. ”After Inez” explores how individuals can mourn differently, reveals gender aspects in how mourning is addressed, and exposes taboos in our society. With music by Ane Brun, ”After Inez” won the 2017 Tempo Documentary Award.


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